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During the quarantine, livestreams have been of great importance to keep in contact with our audience, but now it is a good idea to maintain that habit and include it in our live shows, so that our audience enjoys the session, and you can also reach more audiences…

It will also allow you to generate more content that you may be able to use in future projects, if you have not yet dared to do one, I invite you to do so.

In today’s post I am going to leave you some tools that may be useful for you to incorporate into your sets, I hope you enjoy it, and they will be very useful.


Having the correct hardware is important, but it is something that you probably already know and obviously have your DJ setup, but perhaps you have not taken into account having a good internet connection, which is important so that sound and image quality is not lost. Taking into account that you do it with a minimum of quality, let’s suppose that it is in 720HD the minimum upload speed should be 2.5 Mbps upload and if we go to Full HD 1080p we need a fixed 4.5 Mbps upload as a minimum.

Search Google for an internet speed test and check, here I also leave you a link if you want to check it.


Today it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have the best camera in the world, if you have a phone you already have everything.

You can still do it with your tablet, your camera, a Go pro, a laptop or by sharing your desktop.

Whatever you use, take care that it is a stable device and the lighting, if you choose to do it with your phone I recommend that you use this Amazon portable lighting kit easy to take with you anywhere, if you want something more discreet you have the second option.

Everything will depend on where your performance is, obviously if you are in a public place the second option will be much more successful.

Keep in mind to arrive in time before starting your performance so you will do a preliminary study of where to place the camera or cameras.

What you record the session will allow you to have files of the places where you perform, both the session carried out and videos of the places, in addition to generating content for your current and new public, isn’t it fantastic?


This point is the most important point, because we work with music, it is useless to see us well if it is not heard with quality.

That is why I recommend the great invention, I-RIG 2, we connect this device to the chosen transmission device, just in case you choose an I-Phone you will also need an adapter to connect it.

We will connect the I-RIG to our mixer, for this I recommend that you connect it using these Proel cables.

Optionally, if you wish, you can download the Pionner DJM-REC app, so you can check the gain. If you wish, you can also include a sound card in your setup.


OBS is wonderful free software and a good option if you have chosen to connect multiple cameras at the same time. With it you can transmit with several cameras, share your desktop screen or a specific window, the latter is very useful when we can only preview what our camera sees, but we do not know how to configure it, since we will have the option to broadcast anyway.

You can configure it to preview the chats, make camera changes and include filters.


With we can broadcast on several social networks at the same time, it is great if you are not satisfied with Instagram and want to cover more platforms and reach a more audience.

I hope you liked the content and it serves you useful, if you have any more tricks that we should know, share it with our tribe, we are eager to hear from you.

And do not forget to visit me on the networks, it will make me very happy to see you there